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Thiaoouba Prophecy by Michel Desmarquet

April 4, 2006

Thiaoouba Prophecy by Michel Desmarquet is a mind-blowing non-fiction book about a man abducted by aliens who are actually highly evolved human beings living in a spiritually advanced civilisation. They call earth ‘the planet of sorrows’ and are concerned about the human race and offer advice and warnings on how we should proceed and evolve. Their knowledge originates from various civilisations that they have been observing for an era.

They have the power to levitate, transfer through surfaces and heal/regenerate. They even proclaim that Jesus was one of them. I would urge everyone to read this book as it provides insights into life and death, God (source), spiritual dimensions and advanced beings or aliens. It may sound far-fetched but is actually very interesting, inspiring and scientifically believeable.

You can only purchase the book, either via print or e-book at the official website: Thiaoouba Prophecy

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  1. that book sounds like something id like to read. other books along these lines you may like; conversations with god 1,2,&3-very controversatal subjects, but totally rang true to me. the 9 insights & celestine prophecy , 2 books written by the same author-very inspirational; and then theres The contact has begun & another one by ralph krapt, a ny times retired editor- he writes about being taken aboard the GOODWILL, and meeting the VERDANTS. higher evolved beings. all of these books have been a blessing for me to discover.

  2. I greatly appreciated Michel Desmarquet’s book, which is not sciencfiction, but a true story of his journey to the Planet Thiaooba. It sounds at first to us Earthlings almost like an unbeliveable story, but when you finished reading the book, you will think differently. You can read the e-book free of charges, or you can buy it via mail Order. You can also see his Lecture- sessions on You-tube. It is a “must read” book, with plenty of information about our Galaxie, inhabited Planets, Space Travel, and how to give our Earth a “survival shot” to save it from imminent disaster, caused by materialistic minded Governments, Industrialists, Pollution of air, lakes, rivers and oceans.
    A few individuals can’t change the world, but a million in every city could make a difference for sure. Read the book, how this could be achived ! But we havn’t much time left if we realy want to be serious about it. Please consider!

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  4. Firstly let me say this book and what it espouses feels right to me. I have a problem with the Thiaoobans knowing that money is the greatest evil that mankind faces, would allow the institution of such a harmful system on us knowing its dangers to us. Haven seen how things were done in the days of Mu, and allowing America to have the atom bomb instead of nazis Germany, and actually allowing the use of said weapon as a ‘lesser of two evils’ as oppose to allowing the war to continue thereby necessitating the killing of more people than was necessary. My question is: wasn’t there an alternative system, less injurous to us the monetary system that we’ve ended up with? Knowing how harmful money is to our spiritual development. Thanks Mr Desmaquet!
    By the way, I don’t know if you are familiar with the book “OUTWITTING TOMORROW” by Frank Stranges and Valiant Thor. Mr Valiant Thor is suppose to be from Venus. He’s suppose to have spent a number of years at the pentagon. I would have thought that if they had something to share with mankind on earth they would have gone but to the United Nations (not withstanding all its faults, it is still the representative body of all the nations on our planet.) Why present whatever help for mankind they had, to just one country knowing that it would be subsumed by the money men. Also what happened to the prime directive?

  5. A remarkable story of the world’s life. the book entwines to the Bible.
    Very high spiritual levels beyond human capacity.
    Astral travel is easy.and interesting issue. the book clearly advises earthly people to change all for the better .

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