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What The Bleep Do We Know?

March 11, 2006

What The Bleep Do We Know?

What The Bleep We Know?

Subtitle: Growing Old Gracefully, Falling In Love, Human Evolution etc.

I just watched "What the bleep do we know?" and I thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, it made me feel all warm and tingly inside. (no rude jokes, please) I wanted to focus on the concept of age-ing. Obviously, I may not be equipt enough to comment at the moment as I am only a young 27 year old but my understanding is as follows: We are constantly releasing chemicals into the bloodstream that attach themselves to cells, which enable us to feel certain emotions. The brain becomes hardwired to experience certain thoughts when we observe certain people, situations etc, based on past experiences (which activates chemical release).

It takes much hard work, analysing your automatic thought processes in order to change your reactions and behaviour. If we are contantly stressed, anxious, basically consumed by negative thought processes, certain avenues of the brain become locked limiting the amount of chemicals and proteins that are released. Proteins create elasticity in the skin and help us to remain healthy and youthful. So therefore, this implies, that we have the power to heal and regenerate the human body through positive thinking. I realise that I already practice some of these techniques….

I have suffered from depression and anxiety for years and have recently made a conscious effort to change some of my automatic thoughts / behaviours and alter my lifestyle, instead of giving in to the everyday way we are conditioned in society. It may sound trivial but whenever I take a bath, I submerge my head, breathe calmly and ask the water to remove any negativity from my body. I also imagine / visualise poisons being released when I sneeze (or orgasm). And I have been learning about mindful meditation which makes you feel calmer and more aware of the beauty of the natural world, almost as if you are observing everything surrounding you in slow motion. Suddenly life becomes far more interesting. 

If enough people alter their perspective / become more enlightened and effect those around them, teach their children etc, then we will reach a critical mass of consciousness and human behaviour will improve and evolve. Apparently, addictions can hinder self-development and arise from our attachment to the emotions we feel when committing certain acts ie: drinking, drugs, sex. I was particularly interested to hear the experts talk about falling in love, in terms of that it is simply that we are addicted to the emotions that are stimulated from that particular person. I'm possibly not explaining it as effectively as the scientists featured in the programme but even if you are a cynic / skeptic, I would suggest you watch the film, or read the book.


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  1. “Evidence at last” only it’s not that easy. Try reading Candace Pert who first thought of the term “molecules of emotion”. You find that she is dense, egotistical and angry in style.

    I believe there is something here but it is already being ruthlessly exploited for commercial gain.

    The book I mentioned anmd this movie do not exceed the thinking of of more sobre people in energy medicine who have done a lot more practical work and aren’t pedling any tee-shirts.

    Sceptical rating ****. 4/5

  2. Yes, I understand where you are coming from Steve. Thanks for the comment, your sceptical rating made me laugh, no offence. It has received mixed reviews by all accounts. If you search for it on amazon there are hundreds of negative comments from hard-core physicists. Unfortunately, I seem to lack the brain capacity or patience to divulge all the official theories and laws of the universe, at this stage of my life so “What The Bleep?” just stirs my imagination.

    Commercial gain or not, the simplistic explanations (with cartoons no less) make it easier for the everyday person to understand things they may not normally contemplate. I would never take any reading material as literal although I appear quite guilible / childlike at times. I just take from it what resonates and leave the rest. Will have a clearer view once I have read the book, which I should receive any day now.

  3. I hope by now everyone has come to see the lies behind this glorified infomercial. There is NO relationship between Quantum mechanics and consciousness etc. All the claims made in the film were false, and have been proven to be so. What an embarrassement!

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