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The Internet: One Giant Brain?

April 3, 2006

The Internet, One Giant Brain?

Recently, I have been thinking about how the internet is like a giant mass of consciousness. I have increasingly added my thoughts here and there, either via forums or weblogs. And also driven creativity and passion into my websites, which gives me a euphoric buzz.

It’s interesting to think that something you have expressed may have influenced or inspired a stranger, perhaps on the otherside of the world. It gives me a strange feeling of immortality, in that, it is quite possible that your words / images will exist in cyberspace long after you have passed away, potentially to influence future generations. I am increasingly regarding virtual space as more significant than physical space, as if an extension of your brain, heart, soul etc. Have I lost my mind? Perhaps, it’s out there somewhere on the net.

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  1. What I like about the internet is it allows me to live a bit like a hermit but also keep in touch, giving and receiving.

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