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The Importance Of Being Humble

May 22, 2006

It confuses me when seemingly knowledgable/spiritual people become intolerant of others viewpoints. In these instances, they often appear quite pretentious. Just human emotions, a bad day etc, you may say? Everyone is a contradiction on occassion but a find it difficult to understand. I have to remind myself at times to remain humble.

If I think I am going on and on in a “holier than thou” fashion, I try and stop myself. I am probably just passionate about whatever I am discussing but it is important to keep yourself in check, that you are not becoming preachy or raming your beliefs down other people’s throats. I don’t think I have ever been cruel to strangers / acquaintances, just because their opinions differ from my own. I don’t think there is any excuse for it.

An eccentric friend from university once said to another one of my friends, “You are just a line on the wall whereas I am highly enlightened / evolved.” (or words to that effect) Well, I can’t remember it exactly but he implied he would transend the earth whereas my other friend was basically nothing. This shocked me, how can you be enlightened if you treat others like s***? It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are or how many quotes or theories you know. If someone apologises after an outburst or explains what is happening in their life, that is forgivable and understandable. Only human.

I’ve also seen this type of intolerant behaviour in christian fundamentalists, proclaiming they are God’s gift whereas the rest of us are damned to hell. Even the most controversial members of society ie: porn stars and prostitutes often treat others with more empathy, respect and kindness. Again, it is not completely ironic/ludicrous to kill in the name of your God? The autrocious behaviour that is justified in the name of religion is beyond belief. Regardless of how spiritually-minded you are, first and foremost, you must remember to be careful how you treat other human beings.

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  1. Unfortunately, dear Epiphany this strain of intolerance goes back a long way. When our experience gives us a feeling of being special, we cannot understand how others do not bow down to the same gods as we. This becomes a more urgent issue when we can each stand on our own soapbox on our own Speaker’s Corner, thanks to the Internet etc. What we need to understand is that the elevated experience which puts the sparkle in our eye can visiteveryone, including the most contemptible beggar or the most arrogant self-styled superhero that we encounter.

  2. Yes, but are you more humble than average? This is the big religious question…

    Seriously though, while everybody has a knee-jerk reaction of wanting to be right, it seems to me that people who identify their religious perspective much more strongly with belief than experience tend to have the most difficulty with this. They make idols of strings of words – for example, “Do you accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?”

    I always want to ask, “Do you even know what you’re talking about – what you mean by these words – and, if you think you do, can you please explain why my repeating them is of such vast consequence to you?”

    But I restrain myself…

  3. Ok, we all have different spiritual viewpoints, but let me relate something real i have experienced recently. For the past 9 months I have been having daily contact with a lady in the USA who claims to be on a spiritual path. Another of her friends speaks with me regularly, he tells me there is not such thing as right or wrong and that everyones viewpoint is correct. Well, the lady in this story years ago was ill and racked with pains for which she gave up work and collected benefits. Now, years later she is better, but still goes for doctors tests to continue claiming benefits, but now fakes the pain in order to deceive them. Also, she has two jobs for which she gets paid cash in hand, therefore avoiding paying taxes and insurance. She justifies this by saying she has paid enough into the system over the years. The way I see it is that claiming she is on a spiritual path and beleives strongly in the WE energy, she is fooling herself, not only deceiving others, but more importantly, herself. I have told her that faking illness to claim benefits and then working in the black economy to my mind is ethically wrong, for she is cheating her fellow countrymen out of the taxes they pay and have to work so hard themselves to pay, she refuses to see it like this. So, i believe I am not being judgemental, but seeing it in black and white as what it truly is, deceptive and unethical, and certainly no spiritual. So is she deceiving herself about her spiritual path. Perhaps my viewpoint is wrong, if so, please tell me where.

  4. I think this site gives others like me encouragement to continue on with our own paths
    Froogyman – i totally agree with your comments but what I would say is that the lady concerned needs to walk her personal path just like everyone else. Although we can offer our opinions, our advice and judgements our true spiritual goal will be attained as soon as we are able to acknowledge issues such as this, accept them for what they are and still feel a genuine unconditional love for the person concerned. Not easy eh?

  5. my friend you speak such sense although I’d love the truth on this point.
    I believe people should be able to say whatever good things they like about themselves ……….as long as they don’t bring others down.
    ie “I think I’m a great footballer,”should not be followed by someone replying,”no you’re not you’re shit!” or something to that degree.
    OK repeating anything toomany times is just annoying but if someone says something posistive about themselves to me I only what to congratulate them.
    Anyone’s views are welcome and will be taken on board in some degree.

  6. Being humble is to admit you are only human and fallable just like evryone else. We are sent to earth to learn in preparation for our next ‘life’. It is wonderful to be special but only for a while. Humility is the greatest gift as only a humble person can feel special for small things.

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